2018 American Mosaic Summit: Boston
March 13 – 18, 2018

Proposal DEADLINE  September 15, 2017

2018 Education Program

Each year, SAMA has increased the number of course offerings to accommodate the incredible desire of its members to get their hands on materials and create a new chapter in their mosaic education.  The Education Program is noted as the main reason members choose to attend the conference per our annual surveys.

SAMA members eagerly work the website’s shopping cart on overdrive when the registration period for courses first opens each Winter. If you are an experienced instructor who would like to touch the lives of the most enthusiastic mosaicists in the world, then we invite you to submit a course proposal.

Tuesday – Thursday, March 13 – 15, 2018,  the Education Program will focus on the Professional, Artistic and Technical Development of its members. Proposals for 2 hour seminars, 4 hour (half day) workshops or seminars, 8 hour (full day), and 16 hour (2-Day) workshops will be accepted. Workshops will be classified as “Hands On” – are described as technical or material centered wherein the participants do manipulate materials and create a project or practice a technique.  Seminars or “Demo/Lecture” – are described as informational or discussion centered wherein the participants will not manipulate materials but participate in a discussion of the topic. This would include demonstration presentations.

Due to the time constraints of our program, we ask that potential instructors keep the time frame in mind when composing their course content.  SAMA and our member attendees do not expect a week’s worth of content to be squeezed into one day. We do however expect that all attendees walk away from the courses with ample understanding of your subject, reference material and/or tactical experience with a method and enough inspiration to continue further study and work on the subject.


Course compensation is set by SAMA and scaled by course length, instructor experience, and prior demand.  Workshop registration fees for courses are split 40% instructor/ 60% SAMA. Any Materials Fees will be established and reimbursed separately.  Prior attendee evaluations of courses are considered during the selection process.

International Instructors:

Due to growing concerns over the difficulties experienced by our Instructor/Presenters traveling from outside the US to travel into the country to contribute to our conference program, SAMA will work to submit and comply with the nonimmigrant worker petition process so our Instructor/Presenters can obtain nonimmigrant work VISAs for their time contributing content for our conference.  This will apply for Workshop Instructors and Presenters only.  Mosaic Arts International Artists who are not also instructors or presenters for the conference are not required to travel to the US to exhibit their work and will not qualify under the classification of the petition we are submitting.  We are currently finalizing our process as directed by our immigration attorney consultant and will publish the process in the coming week.  So that we are ahead of our target filing dates, we ask that all instructors planning to submit proposals email Dawnmarie Zimmerman as soon as possible, informing her of your intent to submit a proposal, so we can get a head start on the petition application.

A feature of these forms is a “Save & Continue Later” button at the bottom of the form.  Make sure you save the link provided when this button is used so that you can return to your proposal.  We recommend, printing this page to assist in preparation of requested information BEFORE attempting to complete the form for submission.  We recommend writing text area in advance and copy/pasting entries in form at time of submission.  


If you click Submit and are not redirected to a Confirmation Page or DO NOT receive a confirmation email, please contact Chris Forillo.

Course Proposals are Due September 15, 2017.  SAMA’s Education and Executive Committees will review the proposals and notifications will be returned by October 1, 2017. Accepted Instructors will be provided an agreement outlining workshop pricing and instructor fees by October 20, 2017.

Click here for the Presentation Proposal Form