Expressing… Gary Drostle

Mosaic is a medium that never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think I have the measure of it or it can’t possibly hold any more, some amazing new facet reveals itself. I don’t think there is another medium like it. From that simple cube, generating pattern which is open and accessible to anyone, ..

Expressing… Warner Hunter

“Why do I express myself in mosaic?” The short answer is surface quality. I came to mosaic as mixed media sculptor. I wanted to add color to the surface of objects but was uninterested in the application of paint. I work in mixed media sculpture to invite a tactile experience, and the materials I use ..

Expressing… Brooks Tower

I mosaic because I can’t fly. I mosaic to keep my head down. I mosaic because of a promise I made. I mosaic to keep in tune. I mosaic to keep in time. I mosaic in order to not mosaic. I mosaic to please the stone. I mosaic because sometimes I lie awake in the ..

I was never a painter; brushes and paint never called to me. Pastels have appeal, but only to flesh out my color schemes for a composition. I think I gravitated to mosaic because the medium seemed to fit well with my graphic design background. When I discovered the myriad choices of materials that one can use ..

Expressing… Lilian Broca

In the last 7 years I have been creating mosaics mostly in Italian glass. The uniqueness of the medium and the distinct method required to successfully complete a mosaic are the characteristics of mosaic art that appeal to me greatly. The process—the vivid portrayal of a subject using vibrant colours that are emotive though laid ..

Formerly a painter, in love with texture, I began adding objects to my canvases. Now working in mosaic art, I do the reverse, sometimes adding a little paint to my mosaics. I work intuitively, so the process is never too preplanned. I love building dimension with a broad variety of materials, and many times a ..

Expressing… Karen Dimit

Have you ever been obsessed when working on a jigsaw puzzle? Have you ever been seduced by jewel-like colors, stones on the beach, materials natural and man-made? Do you get deep satisfaction when occupied with physical involvement in your work? Do you like surprises? Do you like to solve problems creatively? With all that energy, ..

Expressing… Dominic Johns

“Why do I express myself in mosaic?” This is a question I often ask myself as I wade through some of the more elaborate works I set out to create. Watching painters and print media practitioners, I often feel slightly jealous at the ease of their production in comparison to mine. But then, I am ..