A note from the Sponsorship Committee Chairperson, Ed Kinsella

FOREMOST, THANK YOU to all SAMA SPONSORS and DONORS, SAMA Volunteer Officers and Trustees, SAMA Members, SAMA Year-Round and Conference Volunteers, SAMA Staff, SAMA Supporters, and SAMA Partners who have contributed in so many ways.

Your generosity is what makes SAMA so  unique, special and supportive of all stakeholders.  Thanks to YOU, SAMA is experiencing an improving financial position.  Like most nonprofits, SAMA suffered financially over the last five years as the economy constricted and individuals, companies, and institutions cut charitable donations.  After many years of operating deficits and existential crises, SAMA made its first breakeven year, followed by our biggest ever, blockbuster SAMA Mosaic Arts Summit in Tacoma, WA last spring.  But that does not mean that we are no longer in need of your support.

SAMA needs YOUR support now more than ever to maintain institutional health and to continue to offer the amazing educational content for which we are renowned.  Please donate in some way to defray some of the gargantuan Conference expenses, to allow us to keep registration and ancillary costs low for attendees – lower than last year – and to fortify SAMA’s ability to fully execute our mission to educate, inspire, and promote excellence in mosaic arts.

If you have contributed to SAMA in the past, I ask you to please consider increasing that support.  There are so many ways you can augment and enhance SAMA.

  • Can you jump up to the next-higher Sponsorship tier?

  • If you are an individual contributor, does your employer match employee donations?

  • Are there materials, tools, books, or Gift Certificates that you can contribute to the SAMA Raffle?  Or do you have a unique service or product that you can donate to the SAMA Fundraising Auction?

  • Can you donate a small Mosaic Art Salon piece to SAMA?  Or a big one to the Raffle?

If you have never participated in any of our fundraising efforts or if you have not contributed recently, I ask you to think about how you can make SAMA stronger.

  • Any contribution amount is helpful.  Can you donate at any level?

  • If you are an educator, might you be able to offer a seat in your forthcoming class as a Raffle?

  • Even if you are not in a position to provide a monetary, product, service, or in-kind donation, do you know any businesses that may be willing to donate something to SAMA like  airline or cruise tickets, retail goods, vacation homes or services to our Raffle, Auction, or Gift Bag?  We have a member whose sister worked for an airline, and she was able to secure us a donation of 2 air tickets, gratis.  Do you have any connections you can tell us about, or better yet ask on our behalf?

Whether or not you are able to contribute as described above, please consider volunteering year-round or at the conference.  Volunteer service is always needed and appreciated.

As an arts organization supported by the generosity of our members, suppliers, service providers, and supporters, we need your support now more than ever. The programs outlined below are vital fundraising programs that allow SAMA to further its mission to educate, inspire, and promote excellence in mosaic arts. Greater conference funding offers SAMA members more programming and more benefits while carrying a lower price tag, So we ask you and hope you will contribute as generously as possible. There are many financial or in-kind opportunities to be generous to your Mosaic Society.

Please contact me, Ed Kinsella, at (617) 794-8853 or at ekinsella@americanmosaics.org to discuss any of the above, with any feedback or ideas you may have to support SAMA.

As SAMA is a 501(c)(3) organization, donations are tax deductible to the amount allowed by law.

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