The Houston Host Committee and members of MOSAICO-Houston eagerly await your arrival for the 13th annual SAMA conference.  

We plan to give you a big Texas Welcome and want you to thoroughly enjoy our city.  You know how ‘Texans’ are always bragging about their state, don’t you?  Well, we’ll try not to do that but we do want you to know that we have some mighty fine hospitality down here in Houston and we aim to extend a good deal of it toward you.

2014 Conference Host Committee, MOSAICO-Houston lead by Sharon Plummer (in hat)

2014 Conference Host Committee, MOSAICO-Houston lead by Sharon Plummer (front left)

We’ve arranged for two special workshop opportunities that will take place in the artist’s studios.  There are so many interesting mosaics all around the greater-Houston area that we’ve lined out three distinct tours.  In addition to the Mosaic Arts International juried show, at the swanky William Towers Gallery, there will be four additional independent exhibitions for you to see.  The Mosaic Marathon panels are astonishing!  This will not be your grandmother’s type of mosaic.  ooooh . . . and let’s not forget the food in Houston!  This city has become heaven for those who enjoy dining out.  Our chefs and restaurants keep showing up on all sorts of award lists.

Okay, okay . . . I know.  I’m bragging again.

So, here’s the deal.  The Houston Host Committee will be putting together a series of subject-centrist reports that will be sent out on a regular basis leading up to the conference.  Each one will focus on a particular aspect of the conference or of the city.  We think this method will help you get organized and plan out your activities without being overwhelmed by an avalanche of information all at one time.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our first report for you will be about activities, events, and sites that will be great fun to do BEFORE THE CONFERENCE STARTS.  What the heck does that mean?  It means that, if there’s any way possible, you are going to want to get to Houston 3 or 5 or 7 days before April 30.  We’ll provide info on lots of entertaining, cultural, and shopping opportunities and even develop suggested itineraries.   So plan to come EARLY.

Check out our MOSAICO-Houston Facebook from time to time for new postings, and you can communicate with us that way.

Be seein’ ya’ soon!

Sharon Plummer

Chair,Houston Host Committee