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Carol Shelkin
Realism in Flowers, Faces, and the Human Form, and Shoe Mosiac
Renaissance Glass Studio
October 28-30, 2017

For Realism Class - This is a hands-on workshop using modern mosaic techniques to understand design,
composition, and color theory including: structure, cross contour, highlights, gradation,
value and the types of shadows in realism using Stained Glass in Mosaic. The students
will learn how to mix glass values and colors, to define planes, and how to use color most
effectively with artist tricks that will be taught. There will be a PowerPoint Presentation,
several demonstrations and group discussions. You will begin from a photographic model
that will be offered: Portraiture, Landscape, Flowers or the Human Form. Return students
may bring their own photographic models with approval from the instructor.

Be prepared to improve your personal journey with professional art coaching. You will be
taught how to evaluate your own work and make decisions about arranging these artist
techniques that will be developed in your personal artwork even after the workshop is
completed. We will discuss mosaic styles to help direct each person develop their
own style and to find and express their vision. You will receive plenty of individual
attention through one-to-one private sessions and group discussions. No question
will go unanswered.
For Mosaic Shoe class - Bring in a pair of your high heeled shoes, baby shoes or just a pair you found at the
thrift store to transform them forever into an eye-catching, funky, mosaic covered work
of art. There will be a variety of supplies from tiles to mirror and gems to beads to
"bling-out" your favorite shoes, or you are welcome to bring some of your own
embellishments. We will not grout during this workshop, but instructions will be given.

North Carolina
United States
(828) 337-6749
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