An Orientation to SAMA and the Conference Experience

Monday, April 4, 2016, 7:00-8:00pm, Bayview I, Hyatt Regency Mission Bay

New SAMA Members and First-time attendees are welcome to this lively and interactive FREE session to learn how to take full advantage of their conference experience and SAMA Membership. Meet the SAMA Staff and Board of Trustees and connect with other first-timers at this ice-breaker event!

Find your bearings within the hotel complex, discover Host-Committee recommended eateries, and get the inside scoop on how to make the most of the opportunities for inspiration and exhilaration during the conference! Find out how to make the most of your SAMA Membership after the conference too!

Also learn about the new Conference Mobile App so you can get “plugged-in” to the digital conference experience!

All Long-time Members are encouraged to JOIN in and provide your valuable insights for balancing the flood of energy, inspiration and information that rushes through the conference and the benefits you have enjoyed from your SAMA membership!

SAMA Philly2015 American Mosaic Summit

SAMA has the BEST volunteers!

Gift Bag for You

Every conference attendee will receive at check-in a take-home Gift Bag stuffed with mosaic goodies and freebies, all courtesy of SAMA’s great sponsorship family. So leave a little room in your suitcase for product samples, money-saving product coupons, magazines, brochures and catalogs, and other promotional items.

JUST ADDED! Mosaic Arts International 2016 Gallery Talks with Karen Ami

Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 2:00pm – 4:00pm, Women’s Museum of California
Thursday, April 7, 2016, 10:00am – 12:00pm, Women’s Museum of California

SAMA offers a free open educational opportunity for conference attendees who are looking to gain a greater understanding and access to the selected works in this years Mosaic Art International exhibition. Karen Ami will lead open and informal discussions about the mosaic works in the show. Participants will have an opportunity to have a lively critical discourse about the exhibition and hear different perspectives on individual works.  This is a great way to be introduced to the exhibition and to gain insight into works of art that may be challenging or sublime. Karen Ami is SAMA President Emeritus, served as Exhibition Chair for 8 years and is the Founder and Director The Chicago Mosaic School. Her recent artworks have been featured in exhibitions in the US, France, Italy, Turkey and Japan. 

Tesserae Brown Bag Exchange

Friday, April 8, 2016, 11:00am, Bayview Terrace, Hyatt Regency Mission Bay

Give and get a tesserae surprise! Participate in SAMA’s annual brown bag exchange and return home with new materials and a new friend. Bring a small bag filled with tesserae from your own mosaic supply, materials you would be excited to receive. Maybe the tesserae are significant to you, rare or unusual or particularly beautiful. Consider choosing materials indigenous to your region, found on a trip, or unique to your mosaic style. Your offering may spark a colleague’s creativity or just make them smile. Your tesserae must fit in a brown paper lunch bag. Double-bag your pieces for extra strength, and wrap any items with sharp corners so that the bag does not tear. Please include a slip of paper with your name and street or email address and a note telling why you selected the tesserae. At conference registration, a SAMA volunteer will take your bag in exchange for a ticket to be redeemed for someone else’s bag during the exchange.

What are the guidelines for the Brown Bag Exchange?

  • Use a lunch-sized paper bag.
  • Be thoughtful with the tesserae you select to go in your bag. Give items that you think might inspire someone, or that have a special meaning to you. This bag will be a gift to whomever selects it – make sure the contents are something that you’d like to receive. This is not an opportunity to give away your discarded bits and pieces.
  • The bag doesn’t have to be full to the top. Don’t make the bag really heavy – remember that the recipient will be packing it in their suitcase to carry home.
  • Wrap the items tightly or put them in a sealed plastic bag inside the paper bag. The bags get tossed around quite a bit and you don’t want your bag to tear open.
  • Put a note with your name inside the bag or insert a business card. It is fun to know who contributed the bag, and the recipient may want to send you a note. It is a nice way to meet someone new (if you don’t already know them!)
  • Seal the bag with staples, tape, string, or ribbon so that the contents don’t fall out.

What are the logistics for the exchange?

  • When you arrive at the conference, take your bag to the SAMA registration desk, hand it over to a volunteer, and receive a claim ticket in return. Make sure to put that ticket in a safe place (like your neck wallet). That’s your ticket to be able to pick out a bag for yourself on Friday morning.
  • On Friday morning volunteers will arrange all the bags on tables in the ballroom foyer. The paper bags may be simple brown bags with a stapled top and some may be colorful bags all closed up with tape or ribbon. Inside each bag is one artist’s offering of meaningful mosaic pieces to another mosaic artist. You don’t know what is inside until you open it!
  • Participants who want to select their bag from a full array of offerings do start lining up earlier than the opening time of 11am.
  • The orderly selection process will begin at 11am. Participants present their claim ticket to a volunteer and then are allowed to select a bag.
  • You can eye the bags but you cannot pick them up nor touch them. Go with your instinct and pick a bag!
  • Find a nearby spot to open your bag and admire the contents.  It is a lot of fun to watch other participants open their chosen bags to see their expressions of surprise and delight.

SAMA Philly2015 AMS - Vendor Marketplace

SAMA Store

Be sure to stop by the SAMA Store INSIDE the Vendor Marketplace! You’ll be able to purchase past exhibition catalogs and posters, back issues of Groutline, mosaic guide books, and collectible logo items from past conferences. Renew your membership, update your contact information, or just stop in and say “Hi!”


Friday, April 8, 2016, Bayview Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Mission Bay

Each year, thousands of dollars in merchandise, goodies, and gift certificates are donated by our generous sponsors and vendors and given away in a pulse-charging raffle, making this a must-attend event.  It’s a surprise a minute and a fun and exciting way to wrap up a day of inspirational and thought-provoking presentations. The more tickets you buy, the better your chances of taking home one of the coveted prizes. You must be present to WIN!

SAMA Philly2015 American Mosaic Summit

Carol Shelkin with 2015 Raffle Grand Prize Winner Merryl Buttari


Back by Popular Demand!!! 7 day/6 night mosaic adventure at the Hacienda Mosaico in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Prize includes a 5-day mosaic workshop with Carol Shelkin, daily breakfast and lunch, a beachfront dinner, and an optional trip to Malacon. Estimated value over $2,000.

Tickets will be available at Registration and at the SAMA Store booth in the Vendor Marketplace.

1 (one) Raffle ticket $5
5 (five) Raffle tickets – 20% discount $20
10 (ten) Raffle tickets – 30% discount $35
50 (fifty) Raffle tickets – 40% discount $150
100 (one hundred) Raffle tickets – 50% discount $250