The Society of American Mosaic Artists presents the Eleventh Annual

Mosaic Arts International 2013
January 26 – May 5, 2013

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The first exhibition devoted to contemporary mosaic art curated by Museum of Glass, Mosaic Arts International features the work of 47 artists from seven countries. Two-dimensional, architectural, and sculptural works
selected by an international panel of experts are presented as well as the work of SAMA’s 2013 Keynote Presenter, Toyoharu Kii (Tokyo, Japan).

PrintMuseum of Glass
1801 Dock Street
Tacoma, WA 98402


The exhibition offers a rare and enriching opportunity to experience, in person, the unique texture and diversity of the best of contemporary mosaic art, an art form that is so rich and compelling that it is often difficult to capture the full essence in a photograph.  Artists continue to push the envelope through the use of both traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques.

Judges for the exhibition were:  Jordan Howland, Seattle, Washington, USA, where she manages Public Art projects for King County’s Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Department of Transportation, and Department of Executive Services; Pamela Irving, Melbourne, Australia, Vice President of the Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand, an internationally recognized artist whose career has produced a broad spectrum of work in sculpture, ceramics, painting and mosaics; and Matteo Randi, Chicago, Illinois, USA, born in Ravenna, Italy, a widely exhibited and award winning mosaicist who received his training at the Istituto d’Arte and the National School for the Conservation of Mosaics, and who currently serves as Educational Director of the Chicago Mosaic School.

“This juried exhibition provides a unique opportunity to view outstanding examples of mosaic art from around the world within a single venue, illustrating the exciting ways that artists are utilizing this ancient art form with a modern and contemporary approach,” said Shug Jones, President of the SAMA Board of Trustees.  “These artists are using both traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques to really propel the art form to a degree unseen in recent history.”

In addition to the juried works, the exhibit will include  the work of Japan’s premier mosaic artist, Toyoharu
Kii, who is also the keynote speaker at the annual SAMA Conference in Tacoma, April 10-13, 2013. Mr. Kii exhibits his work internationally and has participated in some of the most prestigious mosaic arts exhibitions in Europe and the Soviet Union. “His work is notable for its quietness, subdued color, and textural intricacy. It exemplifies the beauty and powerful language of the best of contemporary mosaic art.” said Karen Ami, 2013 SAMA Exhibition Committee Chair and President Emeritas.

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All artwork is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced and/or copied without the express permission of the artist.

The work in this exhibition was selected through a juried process.