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Kelley Knickerbocker
Year-round mosaic theory and technique workshops for all experience levels
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FUNdamento (2-day): Through a fun, fast-paced combination of lecture/slideshow, discussion, drawing, and hands-on exercises, students will learn to execute six modern field andamenti: random circles (“Circlemento”), random squares/rectangles (“Squaretangular”), linear quadrangles (“Linear”), multidirectional quadrangles (“Alldamento”), radiating out from a curve (“Big Bangamento”), and undulating (“Accordionamento”). Additional topics discussed: choosing an appropriate field andamenti for a mosaic, fun with interstices, and adapting/inventing/customizing andamenti.

STRATA VARIOUS (2.5-day or 5-day): After building and rigging your own durable, lightweight 2D substrates, you’ll cut, shape, and test the unique textural properties of a variety of hard materials – both natural and manmade - using cement mortar as adhesive. As you're cutting and testing materials you’ll be learning to recognize and exploit ideal joins of angle, height, size, and shape for various visual effects, and creating sample boards for take-home reference. Finally, using the strata format (vertical or horizontal lines) as a compositional framework, you'll combine/juxtapose stone, glass, metal, ceramic, and other materials into a cohesive, visually pleasing, and topographically compelling mosaic.

GLASS ON MIRROR: COLOR, TEXTURE, BLING! (2-day): learn, through lecture, Q&A, demos, handouts and hands-on practice, how to combine high-relief opaque colored glass elements with textured clear glass into a mosaic on a mirror substrate to maximize light pass-through/reflection/refraction. In the process you’ll become familiar with use of a ringsaw to cut incursions into glass elements, learn to use two different types of adhesives (Lexel and Bohle 690-0 ultra-violet curing adhesive), and discover how to use SpectraLock epoxy grout with Dazzle metallic additive.

RADICAL DIMENSIONS (2.5-day): Through a fun, fast-paced combination of lecture/slideshow, cutting/setting demos, and lots of hands-on
practice, students will learn to confidently execute two "extreme sport" variations of ungrouted glass-on-glass mosaic: flat stacking, in which differing opacities of stained glass are adhered in layers to a mirror substrate to explore the luminous light diffusion, color blending and unique 3-D background/foreground effect only layers can produce; and edge stacking, in which stained glass strips of diverse heights/lengths are stacked on edge to showcase the light-handling properties of the riven edge and to create dramatic dimensional contrasts with surrounding elements.In addition, we will investigate the benefits of combining glass with contrasting materials. as they create one to two 6” x 6” mosaics, students will also learn to cut and set an unglazed porcelain background to complement their stacked glass mosaic elements. Additional topics covered: designing for these techniques, efficient cutting and setting tips for both glass and porcelain, using mirror as a substrate, framing, and appropriate adhesives, tools, and applications.

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