An Ancient Craft Gets a Bigger World Stage – Ilana Shafir is featured in this story on the 2011 Ravenna Mosaico.  Ms. Shafir is a long time Member, MAI award Winning Artist, presenter and instructor and several conferences

SAMA’s 10th Annual American Mosaic Summit Report The Society of American Mosaic Artists held its 10th annual conference February 17-21, 2011 in the welcoming host community of Austin, Texas. Over 450 members from around the world, the largest attendance at a SAMA conference to date came together in an atmosphere of conviviality, friendship, and renewal. ..

Expressing… Carole Choucair Oueijan

I grew up walking on and touching 3000-year-old mosaic floors and murals. I never thought that one day I’d be working with tiny tesserae and these reflections from my childhood to create contemporary mosaic art. Mosaic fine art was not as well known 19 years ago (when I started mosaics) as it is now. Today ..

I have worked in many media over the years—graphite, ink, colored pencil, oil, watercolor, and even scratchboard. They all have their place in my repertoire of art supplies.  Today, however, I choose to use tactile materials, such as glass, stone, porcelain, and beads to make my art.    It is the textures and the colors ..

Expressing… Gary Drostle

Mosaic is a medium that never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think I have the measure of it or it can’t possibly hold any more, some amazing new facet reveals itself. I don’t think there is another medium like it. From that simple cube, generating pattern which is open and accessible to anyone, ..

Expressing… Warner Hunter

“Why do I express myself in mosaic?” The short answer is surface quality. I came to mosaic as mixed media sculptor. I wanted to add color to the surface of objects but was uninterested in the application of paint. I work in mixed media sculpture to invite a tactile experience, and the materials I use ..

Expressing… Brooks Tower

I mosaic because I can’t fly. I mosaic to keep my head down. I mosaic because of a promise I made. I mosaic to keep in tune. I mosaic to keep in time. I mosaic in order to not mosaic. I mosaic to please the stone. I mosaic because sometimes I lie awake in the ..