Formerly a painter, in love with texture, I began adding objects to my canvases. Now working in mosaic art, I do the reverse, sometimes adding a little paint to my mosaics. I work intuitively, so the process is never too preplanned. I love building dimension with a broad variety of materials, and many times a ..

Expressing… Karen Dimit

Have you ever been obsessed when working on a jigsaw puzzle? Have you ever been seduced by jewel-like colors, stones on the beach, materials natural and man-made? Do you get deep satisfaction when occupied with physical involvement in your work? Do you like surprises? Do you like to solve problems creatively? With all that energy, ..

Expressing… Dominic Johns

“Why do I express myself in mosaic?” This is a question I often ask myself as I wade through some of the more elaborate works I set out to create. Watching painters and print media practitioners, I often feel slightly jealous at the ease of their production in comparison to mine. But then, I am ..

Volunteer, Donate, Tell a Friend!

What are YOUR most valued RESOURCES? Your family?  Friends? Income from your Job?  Your network of supporters and cheerleaders?  Did you come by any of your resources through SAMA? What would happen if one or more of your Resources was weakened to the point it could no longer support you?  The Resources SAMA needs to accomplish everything from our day to ..