The Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) champions mosaic arts regionally, nationally and internationally.


SAMA is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and promoting excellence in mosaic arts.  To achieve this mission, SAMA organizes programs, events, and activities designed to:

  • Attract and retain members who value excellence in mosaics;
  • Educate both the art community and the public regarding contemporary and classical mosaic arts;
  • Provide opportunities for unlimited creative and professional growth;
  • Foster and sustain a mosaic community where members are encouraged to explore the full potential of the art form

SAMA’S LONG TERM GOALS (to be realized by 2020)

    • Become a globally recognized mosaic arts organization
    • Create strong ties to other arts organizations around the world
    • Develop a premier web presence
      • Inclusive of online affiliates and social networking circles
      • Provider of fresh content and information regarding upcoming events
      • Links to art happenings, articles, resources and opportunities
    • Cultivate a growing membership worldwide
    • Nurture regional SAMA sub-groups in addition to the national SAMA organization
      • Local opportunities for exhibition
      • Regional workshops, mini-conferences
      • Links/Introductions to regional galleries
    • Diversify revenue sources, providing for self-financed growth / financial security
    • Enhance service levels in all aspects of SAMA operations
    • Expand membership involvement through volunteer opportunities

SAMA was founded in 1999 by a small group of mosaic artists who wanted a venue through which they could share their knowledge, expertise, and interest in mosaic art – this most ancient of art forms that was experiencing a significant contemporary revival.

Today, 15 years later, we are the largest nonprofit mosaic art organization in the world—a vibrant and ever-expanding group of more than 900 members, including mosaic artists at all levels, mosaic aficionados, collectors, materials suppliers, and art educators. We have put renewed emphasis on strengthening ties with other mosaic organizations around the globe to pursue common goals.

SAMA is run almost entirely by volunteers led by a highly engaged board of trustees who are supported by our Executive Director, Conference Manager,  Communications Manager, Operations Assistant and Graphic Designers.